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Nu-Science Lube Super Advanced Products


fr-99 best machinery lubricant environmentally safe plant based

FR-99 Friction Reduction Formula

Extreme performance far beyond ANY lubricants in existence, while the safest in existence

FR-99 is concentrated material which is added to motor oil, hydraulic oil, grease, or other lubricating media for super performance even in the most demanding applications:

  • Extreme Pressure

  • High Temperature (continuous 600 F) “higher when engineered by application”

  • High Speed

  • Vibration

  • Impact

  • All the above or any combination

fr-99 best machinery lubricant environmentally safe plant based
fr-99 best machinery lubricant environmentally safe plant based
fr-99 best machinery lubricant environmentally safe plant based


Spray treatment that works like a super performance penetrating oil

Just a few drops of PL-19 works better and lasts longer than soaking amounts of regular penetrating oils. One 16 oz. bottle usually does more, lasts longer and performs far better than a full case of nearly any other penetrating oil.


Here is what PL-19 Does:

  • Adds lubricity at an amazing level, which increases as friction is added.

  • Bonds to metal for extremely long protection against corrosion and extends lubrication far beyond other lubricants that evaporate.

  • Lubricate once and it stays lubricated.

  • Cleans and degreases (also prevents dirt and debris from sticking to metal – especially effective for roller chains).

  • Attacks and removes oxidation (breaks down rust on steel, cleans aluminum).

  • Can be used to free up failed or failing bearings for extending use when replacement is not an immediate option. (Also see Nu-Science grease products for extending bearing life to 400%+)

  • Provides water resistance to leather and wood

  • Maintains sharpness, speeds cutting and reduces frictional heat on cutting blades and drill bits. Only a few drops per hole, makes drill bits cut faster, cooler and drill normally 5 times as many holes before requiring sharpening or replacement.

  • Firearm cleaner and protector. PL-19 cleans, lubricates, and prevents corrosion, all at the same time with no negative effects to bluing, and is especially effective for removing black powder residue without even a need for brushing the bore. (Note: For best performance, do not leave gun parts damp. Wipe them completely dry after cleaning. PL-19 can cause plastic dip camouflage on shotguns to soften and come off.)

  • Provides a safe and effective alternative to anti-seize products (and it won’t stain your clothes).

  • Anti-stick material. When sprayed on metals, nearly nothing will stick to metal.


    Here is what PL-19 Does NOT do:

  • Does not burn (non-flammable)

  • Does not dry out (All other penetrating oils evaporate and dry out, which requires more treatment).

  • Does not poison or pollute (Nearly all other products PL-19 replaces are hazardous to you and to the environment).

  • Does not damage metal, elastomers and nearly no plastics (Some plastic materials are adversely affected).

  • Does not break the bank (A tiny bit goes a long way. Used sparingly, PL-19 will cost you a small fraction of what any other product for the same intended purposes and all while doing a far superior job).


    PL-19 is NOT just a penetrating oil, it’s a liquid tool. It’s not just new, it’s leap in technology. It’s not just better but is extremely advanced performance. It’s not just safer, it’s completely safe. PL-19 is not just a better product, it’s a replacement for a whole shelf full of now obsolete materials.

    lubricant removes rust better than other products evinomentally safe lubrication
    lubricant removes rust better than other products plant based lubrication
    pl-19 best machinery lubricant environmentally safe plant based


    All Purpose Grease

    Nu-Science CSG-17 Super Performance All Purpose Grease uses a super advanced technology for extreme reduction in friction and sustained long term wear protection in the most demanding conditions. No lubricating product matches the performance of the scientific metal treating formulation used in Nu-Science grease.


    • Extreme Pressure

    • High Temperature

    • High Speed

    • Vibration

    • Impact

    • Water resistant

    • Calcium Sulfonate Complex. Compatible with all greases including Sodium based



    The best way to capitalize on savings with CSG-17 is to understand that grease itself is only a “carrier” to take the chemistry of FR99 to the metal wear parts. Calcium Sulfonate is a great lubricant by itself, but we just use it to carry FR99 to the wear parts because it is water resistant and very slow to evaporate. Greasing intervals can be greatly reduced and still get the full benefits of the FR99. You can achieve the full performance and use so much less of it that it actually costs less than using old technology grease.  Talk to us about how best to do that in your applications.


    Note: Calcium Sulfonate becomes difficult to pump as temperatures fall below 50 F. For low temperature applications, see Nu-Science Lube LG-18 with Lithium as the carrier grease.


    The quickest way to see the difference in performance of Nu-Science Lube grease is to apply it to a failing bearing that you want to remain in service until a scheduled down time to avoid a costly unexpected shutdown. You won’t believe what you see, even as you are watching it happen. So, there is no sense trying to convince you here. Seeing is believing, but most people still have to see this happen twice before they believe what they witness happen.  CSG-17 just removes the chatter, squealing, friction and heat, enabling a failing bearing to come immediately back to near new performance, AND SUSTAIN that performance, usually far longer than necessary to reach a more convenient or scheduled time for maintenance.  Yes, really.

    CSG-17 best machinery lubricant environmentally safe plant based


    All Purpose Super Performance Grease

    LG-18 performs just like CSG-17 except the “carrier grease” is Lithium Complex. LG-18 extends performance on ferrous metal wear parts 300%+ and usually 500% to 1,000%. The difference is temperature capabilities. Lithium can be used at temperatures down to 60 below zero F (-60 F).    


    • Extreme Pressure

    • -60 F to 390 F

    • High Speed

    • Vibration

    • Impact

    • FR99 Fortified Lithium Complex

    • Compatible with all greases except Sodium based


    Using air actuated grease guns or small battery powered grease guns, always use LG-18 when temperatures are below 50 F. For any application at sub zero temperatures, only use LG-18

    LG-18 best machinery lubricant environmentally safe plant based
    Oil Condition Sampling with FR99 consistently exhibits radically improved oil condition for extended performance of every oil tested.
    BAD ASS BAR OIL best machinery lubricant environmentally safe plant based

    Bad Ass Bar Oil

    Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

    Bad Ass Bar Oil is super advanced technology bar and chain oil that dramatically increases cutting performance and longevity of chainsaw chains and bars.


  • Extends Chain life by 3 times

  • Hardens cutting edges to keep chains sharp more than twice as long

  • Extends bar life by 3 times

  • Environmentally safe

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-hazardous

  • Non-flammable

  • 100% USA made from materials sourced 100% in USA


    Nu-Science Lube metal treatment technology hardens friction points (including the cutting edges on chains) and reduces friction on the bar and the chain. Click on BABO study to see test results comparing performance between Bad Ass Bar Oil against a top competitive brand:

    Coming Soon!!

    SuperCut Machining Oil

    Cutting and drilling oil for dramatically extending tool life

    SuperCut is super duty machining and cutting oil formulated to emulsify in water and water based cutting fluids. It will mix well with non-water based cutting oils.


    Cutting fluids for metal cutting machining operations are just coolants. You really cannot lubricate a cutting operation because the cutting edge is cutting into solid material. There is no way a lubricant can be inside the metal before it is cut. Old School machinists will tell you truthfully that plain old water works as good, if not better, than about any cutting oil. It’s just cooling!


    SuperCut treats friction points on metal cutting tools, which are the cutting edge and the area just past the cutting edge where the chips curl across the tool. Friction is drastically reduced. Wear is drastically reduced. Your tools cut better and last longer. It’s that simple. One ounce of SuperCut per gallon of whatever you like to use for cutting liquid will make your cutting tools last multiple times longer.


    So why isn’t it available yet?    Well it is, kind of…..


    We have scattered a few samples around for feedback. If you would like to help us establish finalized field test results, contact us for a sample. You will be required to provide a lot of data. We need production machining applications of consistent machining and on consistent material for good clean comparisons. Before long, it will be available for sale for everyone.

    With the resulting absence of friction, heat or corrosion, metal wear is reduced to nearly nothing compared to other means of lubrication.
    Bad Ass Bar Oil
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