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LG-18 performs just like CSG-17 except the “carrier grease” is Lithium Complex. LG-18 extends performance on ferrous metal wear parts 300%+ and usually 500% to 1,000%. The difference is temperature capabilities. Lithium can be used at temperatures down to 60 below zero F (-60 F).

  • Extreme Pressure
  • -60 F to 390 F
  • High Speed
  • Vibration
  • Impact
  • FR99 Fortified Lithium Complex
  • Compatible with all greases except clay based

Using air actuated grease guns or small battery powered grease guns, always use LG-18 when temperatures are below 50 F. For any application at sub zero temperatures, only use LG-1

LG-18 All Purpose Super Performance Grease (Choose Size to See Prices)

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