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Our lubrication dissolves oxide or rust, and it stops further corrosion to metal.

Case Histories

FR 99-640w machine lubricant that is environmentally safe because it is plant based


A barge repair facility in Ohio treated bearings that are intermittently submerged in river water and carry the weight of barges that weigh thousands of tons. Bearings previously lasted only a few months, but now have been running for several years. 


A power transmission cable manufacturer had an issue with 4 foot diameter gears that were cut wrong and caused chatter vibration bad enough to shut down a production line. Lubricants were unable to help. Applying FR99 immediately stopped the vibration and allowed full operation until new gears could be provided by the gear manufacturer.



A hydraulic pump with a continuing overheating problem in a Georgia sawmill experienced more than 30 F drop in temperature and no further need of maintenance after one application in 2018. The pump still operates flawlessly.



A hydraulic pump operating in Texas saw a sustained reduction in operating temperature of more than 48 degrees F after treatment with FR99.


Air Conditioner
A Carrier air conditioner had the compressor fail. Instead of replacing the compressor, the compressor was removed, a small amount of FR99 was introduced to the compressor in a unique way and restarted. After running a short time, the compressor was reinstalled, recharged with refrigerant and now runs more efficiently that when it was new. It has been in service and working flawlessly for 3 years.

A Dodge Promaster van engine treated with FR99 had a failed oil light, and later developed an oil leak. The van was driven more than 2,000 miles with absolutely no oil in the engine before the situation was discovered. The oil leak was fixed, and no other problem with the engine occurred. The van has been driven more than 190,000 miles since that time and remains in service today without any more than routine maintenance. The van still gets 18% higher fuel mileage than before it was first treated with FR99.


A V8 engine in a GMC SUV reached over 600,000 miles without engine work or significant loss of performance. It’s still running just fine.


A stock car racer would prefer we not publish the fact that they get an increase of 10 horsepower in their racing engines when treated with FR99. Sorry bud. We have to let your competitive secret out.


Countless gasoline and diesel engines treated with FR99 have seen increases in fuel mileage between 14% and 20%. Average fuel mileage increase is 17%. You can literally feel an increase in horsepower in vehicles that have motors treated with FR99, and you can visibly see the loss of vibration or any engine shake while running.

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