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Nu-Science CSG-17 Super Performance All Purpose Grease uses a super advanced technology for extreme reduction in friction and sustained long term wear protection in the most demanding conditions. No lubricating product matches the performance of the scientific metal treating formulation used in Nu-Science grease.

  • Extreme Pressure
  • High Temperature
  • High Speed
  • Vibration
  • Impact
  • Water resistant
  • Calcium Sulfonate Complex. Compatible with all greases including clay based

The best way to capitalize on savings with CSG-17 is to understand that grease itself is only a “carrier” to take the chemistry of FR99 to the metal wear parts. Calcium Sulfonate is a great lubricant by itself, but we just use it to carry FR99 to the wear parts because it is water resistant and very slow to evaporate. Greasing intervals can be greatly reduced and still get the full benefits of the FR99. You can achieve the full performance and use so much less of it that it actually costs less than using old technology grease. Talk to us about how best to do that in your applications.

Note: Calcium Sulfonate becomes difficult to pump as temperatures fall below 50 F. For low temperature applications, see Nu-Science Lube LG-18 with Lithium as the carrier grease.


The quickest way to see the difference in performance of Nu-Science Lube grease is to apply it to a failing bearing that you want to remain in service until a scheduled down time to avoid a costly unexpected shutdown. You won’t believe what you see, even as you are watching it happen. So, there is no sense trying to convince you here. Seeing is believing, but most people still have to see this happen twice before they believe what they witness happen. CSG-17 just removes the chatter, squealing, friction and heat, enabling a failing bearing to come immediately back to near new performance, AND SUSTAIN that performance, usually far longer than necessary to reach a more convenient or scheduled time for maintenance. Yes, really.

CSG-17 All Purpose Grease (Choose Size to See Prices)

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